Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Friendship

January 22, 2016

Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Friendship

by Martin Springett

For readers who enjoyed Little Pink Pup or Owen and Mzee, Kate & Pippin are yet another great unlikely pair who form a very special bond.  Animal lovers are sure to enjoy this tender story of a dog helping to raise an abandoned fawn.

Book blurb from the catalog: Photographs and simple text reveal the true story of a fawn which, abandoned by her mother and brought to live on a farm, is raised by Kate, a Great Dane which has never had puppies of her own.


I Will Take a Nap!

January 22, 2016

I Will Take a Nap!

the newest edition to the Elephant and Piggie series

by Mo Willems

Product Details

This latest edition to the Elephant and Piggie series will not disappoint Mo Willems’ fans!

Ballet Cat: The Totally Secret Secret

January 22, 2016

The Totally Secret Secret

by Bob Shea

Are your students fans of Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems?  I have a new author and series for you to recommend to them!  Bob Shea is starting a new series called the Ballet Cat.  It is written in the same comical tone with short sentences spoken in dialogue by the two characters.

So cute and so funny! Check it out!

Ellis Island: An Interactive History Adventure

January 6, 2016

Ellis Island: An Interactive History Adventure

by Michael Burgan

Book blurb from the catalog: Presents an interactive history adventure in which the reader can learn about life for an immigrant arriving at Ellis Island in the 1900s. Offers three story paths, thirty-two choices, and nineteen endings. Also includes a timeline, a glossary, and further resources.

After reading the introduction that gives background information on Ellis Island and immigration, readers use the information that they have learned to try and survive being an immigrant going through Ellis Island.

It is a GREAT read aloud for 3rd grade during the immigration social studies unit.

Nonfiction Choose Your Own Adventure books are great books to use for mentor texts when teaching the reading strategies of

  • compare/contrast (there are always multiple paths students can take within one scenario) and
  • determining importance (using the information that was in the introduction chapter to help them survive the different scenarios).


Separate is Never Equal

January 5, 2016

Separate is Never Equal

Sylvia Mendez & Her Family’s Fight for Desegregation

by Duncan Tonatiuh

Book Blurb: Describes how the Hispanic American Mendez family challenged the segregated California school system in 1947 after their daughter Sylvia was denied entry to Westminster School due to her ethnicity. Includes an author’s note, photographs, and a glossary.

Robert F Sibert Honor Medal for outstanding nonfiction
Pura Belpre Honor Medal for an outstanding Latino/Latina writer and illustrator whose work best portrays, affirms, and celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and youth

This book is a great supplement to units on:

  • Civil Rights
  • Martin Luther King Jr. study
  • Discrimination
  • Brown vs. Board of Education
  • Latino Americans
  • Acceptance

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming soon, consider this book for a read aloud experience in 3rd – 5th grade!

Diva and Flea

January 4, 2016

Diva and Flea

by Mo Willems

Mo Willems is at it again!  And no, it’s not an Elephant and Piggie book!

His latest book, The Story of Diva and Flea, is a chapter book illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi.  As I read it I kept thinking how it is a great book to read aloud to kiddos to teach or reinforce the growth mindset!

Diva is a fancy little dog who lives in a fancy apartment in Paris, France.  Flea is a stray cat who goes wandering throughout the city on his daily adventures.  The two meet in Diva’s courtyard and they both teach the other something great about their lifestyle and each has to act “brave” while trying new things they never though were possible.

Needing to teach grit? Growth mindset? Just want a great read aloud?  Check this book out!

Good for all ages! Grades 1-5, could even be used in Kindergarten!