Ellis Island: An Interactive History Adventure

January 6, 2016

Ellis Island: An Interactive History Adventure

by Michael Burgan

Book blurb from the catalog: Presents an interactive history adventure in which the reader can learn about life for an immigrant arriving at Ellis Island in the 1900s. Offers three story paths, thirty-two choices, and nineteen endings. Also includes a timeline, a glossary, and further resources.

After reading the introduction that gives background information on Ellis Island and immigration, readers use the information that they have learned to try and survive being an immigrant going through Ellis Island.

It is a GREAT read aloud for 3rd grade during the immigration social studies unit.

Nonfiction Choose Your Own Adventure books are great books to use for mentor texts when teaching the reading strategies of

  • compare/contrast¬†(there are always multiple paths students can take within one scenario) and
  • determining importance (using the information that was in the introduction chapter to help them survive the different scenarios).