The Race of the Century

October 11, 2012

The Race of the Century
Retold by Barry Downard

Another alternative to The Tortoise and the Hare, but this one ends “correctly.”  Fed up with his incessant taunting, Tom Tortoise challenges Flash Harry Hare to the race of the century, which turns into a worldwide media event, complete with television and newspaper coverage, photographers, and many other distractions.

Lesson Ideas: Compare and contrast to the original tale, traditional literature, character traits


The Tortoise OR the Hare

October 11, 2012

The Tortoise or the Hare
by Toni Morrison and Slade Morrison

Cover image for The tortoise or the hare

What a lovely switch to the usual tale of the Tortoise AND the Hare.  Yes, the animals still race.  Yes, the Hare is still the fast one and the Tortoise is the slow one.  BUT, it’s NOT the Tortoise who wins.  The authors highlight that the town didn’t like either of the two characters because they flaunted how good they were at their respective strength: Tortoise–thinking, Hare–speed.  The moral at the end is also different.  You’ve got to check this one out!

Possible Lessons: Compare/Contrast to original tale, Character Traits (older grades), Morals/Fables

Comprehension Strategies: Metacognition, Determining Importance, Synthesizing, Questioning