Surf’s Up

May 4, 2016

Surf’s Up 

by Kwame Alexander (Newbery Medalist for 2015)
illustrated by Daniel Miyares

Guest post from Mrs. Doss, Literacy in Action teacher leader:

“This book speaks to the heart of reading engagement and the kind of joy a person can experience with text! Two frogs, Bro and Dude, have very different views on books. Dude thinks books are boring and would rather spend his day surfing at the beach, but his best friend Bro is hooked in a book and can’t seem to put it down. Bro is leaning in to a book that has him hooked. All the way through his reading, Bro keeps making small comments, which creates a strong curiosity within Dude.”

Read this book with (we have these at Lowell):

  • The Best Place to Read by Debbie Bertram
  • The Best Book to Read by Debbie Bertram
  • Victricia Malicia, Book-Loving Buccaneer by Carrie Clickard
  • How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills
  • A Book by Mordicai Gerstein
  • How to Teach a Slug to Read by Susan Pearson
  • Thank You Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco

What other books do you read to teach reading engagement and the joy of reading? Leave them in the comments below!


A Book

October 9, 2012

A Book
by Mordicai Gerstein

Format: picture book, hardcover

The young girl in this story doesn’t know what her story should be about.  She talks to her family to find out what their stories are about and she learns about all of the different genres.  She visits various genres (fairy tales, science fiction, historical fiction, realistic fiction, etc.) and doesn’t feel like these genres are a good fit for her.  Ultimately she decides that she is going to write her own story and be an author.

Teaching points: Writer’s Workshop, Genres

Writing: Personal Narrative, Starting up Writer’s Workshop, Generating Ideas,

Comprehension Strategies: Connections