A Boy and A Jaguar

March 14, 2016

A Boy and a Jaguar
by Alan Rabinowitz

Book blurb from the catalog: Presents a picture book featuring the true story of Alan Rabinowitz, who loved the animals at the zoo and hated that they were kept in cages. Wanting to speak out, Alan found he couldn’t keep himself from stuttering, except when talking to animals–a fact he used to his advantage in championing animal rights.

This book would be great to help teach:

  • Empathy (understanding Alan’s stuttering)
  • Building Classroom Community (how do we treat others who are different than ourselves)
  • Biographies (and even a unit on writing autobiographies — picking out a watermelon seed moment instead of one’s entire life)
  • Setting goals (Alan says that if he ever gets “his voice” he will speak for the animals, who cannot speak for themselves.  This is a lofty goal for a stutterer, but once he does get his voice he follows through with his promise.)
  • Research famous people who stutter

This book has a website!



Fish in a Tree

December 9, 2015

Fish in a Tree

by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Fish in a Tree

Book Blurb: Ally has dyslexia, and can no more read like everyone else than a fish can climb a tree. Tired of being called slow and a loser, Ally finds that in her latest new school her teacher understands her limitations and actually sees in her a creative, intelligent side. New friends with their own learning disabilities help Ally see that she can achieve success and find happiness.



Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s website that has TONS of resources for extension.  Fish in a Tree was chosen as the 2015 Global Read Aloud (a chapter book that is chosen to be read by as many people around the world as possible).  To facilitate the Global Read Aloud, Lynda Mullaly Hunt has YouTube videos of her reading aloud select chapters and answering readers’ questions.


Other Resources you may find helpful:

Teacher’s Guide to help with lesson plans and activities–


Ally’s Sketchbook of Impossible Things