Rabbit’s Snow Dance

May 23, 2013

398.2 BRU

by James and Joseph Bruchac

Background on the story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9U6mjoryGE

It’s summertime and rabbit really wants snow so that he can stand on the snow and reach the tops of the budding trees, for that is what tastes the most delicious.  Without thinking about others feelings and needs, rabbit begins to sing the snow song and do the accompanying dance.  Before you know it, it begins to snow, inconveniencing the other animals around.  Rabbit eventually gets what he wants, and then rests in the tree branch next to his delicious meal.  In the morning the summer sun comes back out and melts all the snow, giving rabbit a great surprise when he wakes up high above the ground.  As rabbit is rubbing the sleep from his eye, he takes a step (not knowing he’s so high up) and falls down, down, down.  As he falls bits of his tail fall off until it is left as the rabbit tale as we know now.  This story is the Algonquian explanation for pussy willows on willow trees or the similar looking ends of a cottonwood tree in the springtime.

I am still looking for a video/audio clip putting the song to a tune.  Until then, use your creativity to have students repeat the snow dance song with you!