A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

October 26, 2017

by Seth Fishman
illustrated by Isabel Greenberg

The dust jacket description says: “The whole world is filled with big, enormous, gigantic, humongous, incredible numbers.  Look all around you.  You can see them in the sky, and in the grass, and in the forest, and in the ocean, and in the city.  They are even in the pages of this book, just waiting for you–and your one and only imagination.”

Math teachers! This books shows HUGE numbers in both numeric and word form.  It would be a great extension for any lesson teaching about large numbers and how to properly say them.

The back of the book teaches how to read such large numbers (most lessons only go to the millions or billions, but this book goes to the billion trillions — 21 zeros behind the number!)


Money Math: Addition and Subtraction

October 26, 2017

by David A Adler
illustrated by Edward Miller

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The book itself is a story and lesson built into one!  Any teacher looking to introduce how to add and subtract money, this book is your lesson!

David A Adler teaches the reader about the different dollars and coins used in the United States.  He then shows how counting change really is just addition.  He even gives the readers tasks to complete on various pages.  The answers are given at the end of the book.

If you are looking to change up the way you teach money in a new and exciting way, Adler’s book is one you MUST check out!

We Are Growing AND The Cookie Fiasco

November 16, 2016

We Are Growing by Laurie Keller
The Cookie Fiasco by Dan Santat

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These books are for you Mo Willems fans!  Mo Willems is not adding any more books to his 25 Elephant and Piggie books, but he is working in collaboration with other authors to make similar funny books.  These new books are in the “Elephant and Piggie Like Reading” series.  Each book starts with a brief intro from Elephant and Piggie and then goes into the hilarious tale written by the author.  They still feature dialogue completely in speech bubbles, but each book does offer more than one character.  They are written with the same humor that will get kids laughing.

We Are Growing is a great book to teach comparative (adding -er) and superlative (adding -est) adjectives. (i.e. tall – taller – tallest).  Each blade of grass has a special trait claiming “I am tall! I am the tallest!”  “I am curly! I am the curliest!”  But the last piece of grass cannot figure out what makes him special, what makes him unique.  Well along comes a loud buzzing noise…you know what this is!  And suddenly everyone is back to being the same, but the last blade of grass does determine what his special trait is.

The Cookie Fiasco: How do you share three cookies with four friends?  GREAT FRACTIONS LESSON introduced in such a funny way.  Hippo has a nervous tick of snapping things when he is feeling overwhelmed.  Eventually Hippo has snapped the cookies into enough parts for everyone to share equally.  So funny, and such a great intro to any fractions unit!

Use these books to teach:

  • Adjectives
  • Character Traits
  • Being Unique
  • Sharing

We Are Growing might be a good choice when setting goals for the school year — but that may be a bit of a stretch.