Where’s the BaBOOn?

November 21, 2016

by Michael Escoffier

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Remember reading Take Away the A?

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Well, the author of Take Away the A has a new book in his series: Where’s the BaBOOn?  It encourages students to put together the red letters to solve the riddle on each page.  For example, the riddle reads “Who brought an apple?” The illustration shows the arm of an ape giving the teacher the apple.  Students put together the letters a – p – e and the clue from the illustration to know it is the APE that gives the apple.  Each page is one riddle after another.




Reading Makes You Feel Good

October 10, 2012

Reading Makes You Feel Good
by Todd Parr

Todd Parr presents many reasons why reading makes you feel good: you can make a new friend; you can do it anywhere; you can learn to make pizza; you can learn about your favorite animal at the zoo; you can travel to faraway places; the options are limitless!

Possible Lessons: Getting excited about reading, Intro to Read to Self for younger grades, author study

Comprehension Strategies: Connections, Schema, Voracious Reading

Writing Traits: Generating Ideas, Organization