5 Little Bats

October 11, 2012


5 Little Bats, Sleeping in a Tree
Hanging upside down where no one else can see.
The sun sets, and the moon shines bright.
One little bat flies out of sight.

Repeat until there are no bats left in the tree!


Don’t Laugh at Me

October 9, 2012

Don’t Laugh at Me
by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin

Cover image for Don't laugh at me

Format: picture book, hardcover

A picture book on tolerance (and also a popular song), Don’t Laugh at Me shows various reasons why we are all different and the pleads with the reader to not laugh at them.

Great resource for beginning of the year when building classroom community, and also to begin the discussion on bullying.

Comprehension strategies: metacognition (thinking about your thinking), Visualizing

Lesson Ideas: Rhyming, Tolerance, Bullying, Empathy