Tea Cakes for Tosh

May 23, 2013


by Kelly Starling Lyons

Great book for visualization!  The smell of the tea cakes and Grandma Honey’s descriptive words take Tosh way-back-when when their people were enslaved.  Grandma Honey describes how she makes the tea cakes throughhout the beginning of the story.  Then Grandma Honey begins to be forgetful.  First its finding the car in the parking lot, then it’s her sister’s phone number, but finally it’s the recipe for tea cakes.  Tosh learns to make Tea Cakes from his mom and the next day Tosh visits Grandma Honey, the roles are reversed, and HE is the one who tells the story of their enslaved people and of the great-great-great-great-grandma making tea cakes.

Comprehension Strategies: Visualization, Inferring, Determining Importance, Schema

Topics: Grandparents, Getting Old, Slavery, Baking

Recipe for Grandma Honey’s Tea Cakes included in the end of the book!

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Don’t Laugh at Me

October 9, 2012

Don’t Laugh at Me
by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin

Cover image for Don't laugh at me

Format: picture book, hardcover

A picture book on tolerance (and also a popular song), Don’t Laugh at Me shows various reasons why we are all different and the pleads with the reader to not laugh at them.

Great resource for beginning of the year when building classroom community, and also to begin the discussion on bullying.

Comprehension strategies: metacognition (thinking about your thinking), Visualizing

Lesson Ideas: Rhyming, Tolerance, Bullying, Empathy