You may find these resources helpful as you begin your search for books!

A List of Picture Books Sorted by Focused Reading Skill

Scholastic Book Wizard
Find Book Alikes, search for books in a particular DRA, find DRA levels for certain titles
Books you can read online on your SMARTboard.  Each time you read a book, a book is donated to children in need.

Letter/Sound Correlation Activities
In each letter there is a list of books that emphasize that letter sound (and the different sounds that letter can make)

Championing Character Through Children’s Literature
A list of books used to teach various character traits.
Use the links on the right side of the page.

Teaching with Kids Books
Search for picture books to teach topics like similes, metaphors, alliteration, etc.

What Should I Read Next?
Type in a book or author that you loved and it will give you suggestions of other books to read.  Not all of the books are in our Lowell MST Library.

Modern Chalkboard
Fun, interactive SMARTboard lessons to use with your kids.  Subjects include a variety of math, grammar, social studies, and science.


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